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Ethiopia Guji, Oromia- Birthplace of Coffee Collection

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Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee is home to natural coffee forests and rich coffee heritage. With high elevation, nutritious volcanic soil and more than 10,000 coffee varieties, Ethiopia is the producer of some of the most extraordinary coffees in the world.

This exceptional natural processed Ethiopian Guji from the Oromia region/ Shakiso district has a classic Guji natural profile and is one of our new favourites from Ethiopia! 

Coffee from the Guji zone has made a name for itself in international markets and we're not surprised .The shift in categorizing and distinguishing Guji coffee from neighbouring producing areas has proved to be a positive move in the right direction for farmers- who have been cultivating coffee for generations in Guji and can now be honoured with coffee region recognition. 

The Guji Oromo people's value and appreciation for natural heritage expresses well in its agriculture management and this coffee is proof.  Produced by 3 smallholder farmers Jilo Barko, Jarso Muda, and Teklu Mijuand from the same Shakiso community  and grown at an altitude of 1600-1900 metres. 

 Enjoy a cup from the birthplace of Coffee.

ROAST | Medium Dark Roast

FLAVOUR NOTES | Think strawberries, jasmine, lemon, “candy like” and creamy sweet

VARIETIES | Indigenous Heirloom

ORIGIN | Ethiopia, Oromia, Guji (Shakiso)

Will be offered for our 2022 coffee season.

Ethiopia Guji, Oromia- Birthplace of Coffee Collection
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