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Ethiopian - Harrar

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Ethiopian Harrar coffee - spelled with two rr's by the ECX -Ethiopian Commodity Exchange coffee refers to the varietal that is cultivated in the region of Harar also known as the highlands of Harar/Hararghe. Located right outside the walled and ancient city of Harar- known for playing a vital role in the trade of coffee as far back as the 16th century when it was a major and important center of trade in the Horn of Africa.

Today coffee from the Harar/Hararghe highlands - are traded in the city of Dire Dawa - the 2nd largest city in Ethiopia. 

With extremely complex distinct flavors, we decided to go for a medium roast - flavour wise think : lemon/ bergamot, tea-like, rose & jasmine . 

This coffee is brought to you by a group of small share holder farmers our founders family created called the -Bishaan Qalla Group. In honour of their collective efforts we named this blend -The Kotabula Blend - meaning the farmers blend named to honour the farmers native mother tongue called- Afaan Oromo. 

The illustration is a accurate visual of the farmers in their cultural attire who grow the coffee , sort the coffee and transport the coffee to the market . 

Producer : Bishaan Qalla Group - lead by Mame -Mohammed Ahmed 

📍Eastern Oromia , Hararghe Ethiopia 

Ethiopian - Harrar
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