Ethiopia - Birthplace of Coffee Collection

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The birthplace of coffee is home to natural coffee forests and rich coffee heritage. With high elevation, nutritious volcanic soil and more than 10,000 coffee varieties, Ethiopia is the producer of some of the most extraordinary coffee in the world.

This exceptional washed process has a classic Guji profile. Regarded as one of the best coffee regions in Ethiopia- Guji has made a name for itself in international markets. We are so thrilled to be offering this coffee as part of our offering in our Ethiopia -Birthplace of Coffee collection. 

Enjoy a cup from the birthplace of Coffee.

ROAST | Medium Dark Roast

FLAVOUR NOTES ..think| Strawberries, Sugar cane, Blueberries, with hints of lime in the acidity.

ORIGIN | Ethiopia, Guji, Oromia 

Please Note:  To ensure we are always sourcing the best and interesting coffee's from Ethiopia,  regions we source our coffee from will differ depending on the crop season. Please read the Origin details above to confirm name of the region. 

Ethiopia - Birthplace of Coffee Collection
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